Rit Scarlet Proline Powder Dye (5lb)

    Rit Scarlet Proline Powder Dye (5lb)

      Rit ProLine has an advanced mix of direct, acid, and disperse dyes, which lets you dye a wide range of fabrics and materials in large quantities. Ideal for dying industrial textiles (like carpet patchwork), jumpsuits and uniforms (for corporate, correctional, and government institutions), wardrobing (for movies, TV, and theatre), cosplay costumes, apparel makers, 3D printing, concrete, and more.

      Our ProLine formula, which comes in a powdered form, is safe for septic and sewer systems and doesn't contain any harmful chemicals. With 100 years of experience making things in the U.S., we've come up with the most reliable, time-tested quality control standards in the industry. So, you can be sure you'll get a high-quality, consistent, and effective product.

      ProLine Colours

      Black Remover Royal Blue Scarlet Purple Neon Yellow Neon Pink Black Tan Neon Green Kelly Green Navy Blue Fuchsia Taupe Tan Pearl Grey Tangerine Ecru Dark Brown Purple Wine Violet Teal Tangerine Royal Blue Scarlet Sunshine Orange Petal Pink Navy Blue Lemon Yellow Kelly Green Golden Yellow Fuchsia Evening Blue Ecru Dark Green Dark Brown Cocoa Brown Cherry Red Aubergine Aubergine Lemon Yellow Golden Yellow Cocoa Brown