green fabric dye

    Rit Apple Green All Purpose Liquid Dye


        Deliver vibrant colour to almost any type of fabric or fabric blend, including cotton, linen, silk, wool, rayon, ramie or nylon. This dye can even colour wood, wicker, paper and cork.

        Perfect for rejuvenating faded clothing, changing the colour of apparel, shoes or accessories, coordinating home décor, hiding laundry accidents and so much more.

        Get creative and create something unique with an easy dye technique, like an ice dye, dip dyed, marbled, shibori or tie-dye pattern.

        With 500+ colour recipes available on Rit’s website, it is almost certain you’ll find the right colour for your needs.

        If dyeing fabric with 35% or more polyester, acrylic or acetate, use Rit DyeMore Synthetic Fiber Dye instead.

        Liquid Dye Colours

        Apple Green Aquamarine Black Camel Charcoal Grey Cherry Red Cocoa Brown Coral Dark Brown Dark Green Denim Blue Eggplant Emerald Evening Blue Fuchsia Golden Yellow Hyacinth Indigo Kelly Green Lemon Yellow Marigold Navy Blue Neon Green Neon Yellow Pearl Grey Petal Pink Purple Rose Quartz Royal Blue Scarlet Sunshine Orange Tan Tangerine Taupe Teal Truly Green Violet Wine


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